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 Post subject: Document Titlepage
PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2016 1:26 pm 

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I've tried to make the following (header with vertical and horizontal elements)

But I can't do it...
Could someone show me how this can be achieved?

thanks in advance

 Post subject: Re: Document Titlepage
PostPosted: Fri Sep 23, 2016 12:44 pm 

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It took a while to implement that functionality. Now we have done it! (Although, if you placed an order we would do it faster).

Now, any kind of tables can be defined in templates (with some cells spanning arbitrary number of columns/rows). That is achieved by introduction of a new Table Fragment output style supported for Panel Controls.

A table is defined by specifying Table output style for a particular template Section (see Section Properties | Formatting | General | Section Output). Then, anything defined within it will generate table rows. Table rows themselves are defined with Control Groups specified inside Area Sections (a simple table with static rows can be defined as a single Area Section). Control Groups contain Controls, which in case of a table define table cells.

Panel Control is a special Control. It contains an area, the same as the Area Section. That means a Panel Control can generate some complex content specified with the components defined within it. When the Table Fragment output style is set on a Panel Control defining a table cell (see Panel Control Properties | Formatting | General | Control Output), anything specified within that Panel Control will be interpreted not as a single cell, but as a rectangle table fragment -- a grid of cells. Such definitions (i.e. Panel Control with the Table Fragment output) can be nested in each other, which allows you to define arbitrary complex cell/row layouts.

The whole thing defined in the initial Area Sections now is call table strip, because rather a single row, it will generate a set of table rows entangled together by some cells spanning over several rows at once. Supporting such structures both by on the level of Template Interpreter/Generator (in HTML and RTF formats) and Template Designer (which visualizes everything and allows manipulating and adjusting it with the mouse) took some extreme programming from us. Now it works!

Here is your example table implemented in a template (exactly as a single Area Section):


And this is what that template generates in RTF:


Now you can download and try everything:

  1. Go by the link and download DocFlex/Javadoc 1.7.0b (an early variant of the new DocFlex/Javadoc version we will release soon).
  2. Request a trial license by clicking the button on the same page (it can be requested only from there!)

Anything else is the same as with other DocFlex/Javadoc versions.

To see the demo (above), run generator (doclet), select {docflex-javadoc}\templates\JavadocPro\PlainDoc.tpl template and RTF output. Then run generation. The title page of the result RTF will contain that demo table. It is generated by {docflex-javadoc}\templates\JavadocPro\TitlePageDemo\title-page.tpl template (which is called from PlainDoc.tpl). The correct page numbers will appear after updating all fields in MS Word by Ctrl-A F9. The values for "Update" and "Status" must come from elsewhere (e.g. from template parameters or some Javadoc tags maybe).

If anyone has any questions about all this, please do not hesitate to let us know!

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