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diagramming.DiagramKit : boolean

Enables FlexDoc/XML DiagramKit. When this parameter is unselected (false), no diagrams will be generated.

This parameter group is enabled only when DiagramKit plugin is active (has been setup).

See Also:

Show in Diagram


Specify what should be shown in diagrams


diagramming.DiagramKit.show.annotation : enum {"none", "first_sentence", "full"}

Specify whether to show annotations of XML schema components. The annotation text is obtained from the <xs:documentation> elements found by the path:

where <xs:component> is an XML element defining the XML schema component.

The annotation is displayed within a rectangle under the depiction of the component. The rectangle width can be set using the nested parameter: “Maximal Width”. When the text is longer than that width, it will be wrapped within it.

The whitespace contained in annotation text is collapsed. That is, the subsequent whitespace characters are reduced to single one, the starting and trailing whitespace is trimmed.

Possible Choices:
Do not show annotations.
"first sentence"
Show only the first sentence of the annotation text.
Show the full annotations.

Maximal Width

diagramming.DiagramKit.show.annotation.maxWidth : integer

Specify the maximal width (in pixels) of the rectangle, in which the annotation text appears on the diagram.

When the text is shorter than the specified value, so will be the rectangle. When the text is longer, it will be wrapped within the specified width. Therefore, the rectangle height will be unlimited.

When this parameter is 0 (or negative), the annotation text won't be wrapped and printed in a single line instead (unless it includes line breaks and “Render Line Breaks” parameter is selected). The rectangle width will be unlimited then.

Render Line breaks

diagramming.DiagramKit.show.annotation.renderLineBreaks : boolean

Specify whether to render line break characters ('\n') found within the annotation text.

When this parameter is selected (true), each line break will cause the following text to start from a new line.

Note that subsequent line breaks will be reduced to single one, and those starting or trailing the text will be trimmed.

When this parameter is unselected (false), all line breaks will be treated just like another whitespace.

Substitution Groups

diagramming.DiagramKit.show.substGroup : boolean

Specify whether to show members of substitution groups.

When this parameter is selected (true), for each element component depicted in the diagram, which is the head of a substitution group, all members of that substitution group will be shown as well (attached to the head element as a special branch).

When this parameter is unselected (false), no substitution group members will be shown.

See Also Parameters:



With the parameters in this group, you can style the diagrams (i.e. change how something in them looks).

Base Type Panel


Specify styling of base-type panel.

In case of element component diagram, base-type panel highlights information about the element's type.

In case of complex type diagram, base-type panel highlights information about the type's base type.

Caption Color

diagramming.DiagramKit.style.baseType.caption.color : Color

Specify the color of the panel caption (it says what that type is).


diagramming.DiagramKit.style.baseType.bkgr.color : Color

Specify the panel background color.

Border Color

diagramming.DiagramKit.style.baseType.border.color : Color

Specify the color of the panel border



Specify styling of annotations

Caption Color

diagramming.DiagramKit.style.annotation.color : Color

Specify color of annotation text