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«Details | Component Documentation | XML Representation Summary» parameter group

Parameter Name / Type / Description
XML Representation Summary doc.comp.xmlRep : boolean

Specifies whether to generate the «XML Representation Summary» section.

Applies To:

All components

Generate For


The parameter group to specify exactly for which components the «XML Representation Summary» section must be generated.

Complex Types
Simple Types
Element Groups
Global Attributes
Attribute Groups

doc.comp.xmlRep.for.element : boolean
doc.comp.xmlRep.for.complexType : boolean
doc.comp.xmlRep.for.simpleType : boolean
doc.comp.xmlRep.for.group : boolean
doc.comp.xmlRep.for.attribute : boolean
doc.comp.xmlRep.for.attributeGroup : boolean

The parameters to specify whether to generate the «XML Representation Summary» for components of particular types.


doc.comp.xmlRep.sorting : boolean

This parameter specifies the ordering of attributes shown in the «XML Representation Summary».

When selected (true) the attributes will be sorted in alphabetic order of their qualified names (with letter case ignored).

When unselected (false) the attributes will follow according to some natural order determined by how and where those attributes are declared:

  • In the simplest case, when all attributes are declared within the same component, that will be exactly the order of their declarations.
  • When the given component (whose attributes are represented) is based on other components, some of the attributes may be inherited from them. Moreover, the ancestor components may block certain attributes declared in their own ancestors. In that case, the result attribute ordering will appear from the subsequent interpretation of all involved components.