1. What is FlexDoc/Together?
  2. Key Features
  3. Technical Requirements
  4. Advantages over old Together DocGen
  5. The Lite Edition

1. What is FlexDoc/Together?

FlexDoc/Together was a revolutionary template-driven documentation generator for Borland® Together® based on FlexDoc.XYZ.

Created by the former author of the template-driven DocGen module in Together (which was developed during 1998-2002 yet in TogetherSoft Corp.), this tool represented a a major breakthrough and the next logical step over what Together DocGen was and remains now.

The software includes:

The DSM drivers connect to Together models and present the information from them in the form similar to XML documents, which can be further processed by FlexDoc generator using templates. The result is the best quality printable or hypertext framed documentation for projects and models designed in Together.

The whole packages is prepared as a normal Together component and can be invoked both from the Together IDE and from the command line in a batch mode. The template designer can also be started alone as a separate Java application without launching the whole Together IDE.

Please, see Examples to take a look on how all this works.

2. Key Features

3. Technical Requirements

FlexDoc/Together works with: To run the Template Designer as separate application, you will need Java™ 2 JRE 1.4.x or JRE 1.3.x.

The FlexDoc/Together Java libraries are supplied in two variants (both included in the packages available in downloads):

  1. The one optimized for JRE 1.4.x
  2. The another one compiled for JRE 1.3.x.
Under JRE 1.4.x, the Generator shows much faster performance (although, this can be used only with Together 6.2 or Together Architect 1.0).

4. Advantages over old Together DocGen

FlexDoc/Together offers the following major advantages over the old DocGen module in Together: