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Parameter Name / Type / Description

OxygenXML Integration

diagramming.OxygenXML : boolean

Enables OxygenXML Integration. When this parameter is unselected (false), Oxygen XML won't be called.

This parameter group is enabled only when OxygenXML Integration plugin is active (has been setup).

See Also:

Multithread Processing

diagramming.OxygenXML.multithread : boolean

Specify whether to run OxygenXML concurrently using multiple processing threads.

When there are a number of independent XML schemas to be processed by OxygenXML, that processing can be accelerated several times by running multiple instances of OxygenXML for different schemas at once. This parameter enables such a processing.

The nested parameter specifies how many parallel threads are allowed.

Max Number of Threads

diagramming.OxygenXML.multithread.max : boolean

Specify how many OxygenXML instances can be run at once.

You can set any number here (and so many instances will be invoked when there are XML schemas to process). However, the actual performance improvement depends on how many concurrent threads are physically supported by your system (e.g. the number of processor cores, hyperthreading etc.)

That you can specify with a special value 'auto' (default). In that case, the maximal number of OxygenXML threads will be estimated automatically according to the number of available processors returned by JVM.



The group of parameters to control generation of component diagrams.


diagramming.OxygenXML.diagram.format : enum { "PNG", "GIF", "JPEG" }

Select in which graphics format the diagrams will be generated.

These formats are what Oxygen XML supports. The PNG (default) is the best in all cases.

Show Annotations

diagramming.OxygenXML.diagram.annotations : boolean

Specify whether the component annotations should be shown on the diagrams.

Note: All other things displayed on diagrams cannot be controlled via parameters. But you can adjust that in the Oxygen XML Editor itself. In its main menu select: Options | Preferences. Then, in Preferences dialog that appears select: Editor | Edit Modes | Schema Design | Properties. On the right panel for that item, you can specify lots of other things to be shown on diagrams. Those settings will equally work with the diagrams generated via OxygenXML Integration.

Delete Temporary Files

diagramming.OxygenXML.deleteTempFiles : boolean

Specify whether to delete all files temporarily generated by OxygenXML (as well as the integration files required for it).

When this parameter is selected (true), the entire subdirectory:

will be deleted on the finishing of XSDDoc.

When this parameter is unselected (false), all original output files generated by OxygenXML will be left. (Typically, this is needed to investigate some problems about the diagramming.)