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«Details | Component Documentation | Annotation» parameter group

Parameter Name / Type / Description
Annotation doc.comp.annotation : boolean

Specify whether to generate the «Annotation» section.

Applies To:

All components
See Also:
Processing | Annotations” parameter group, where you can specify how annotations are processed and displayed.

Generate For

The parameters in this group allows you to specify exactly for which components the «Annotation» section must be generated.

Complex Types
Simple Types
Element Groups
Global Attributes
Attribute Groups

doc.comp.annotation.for.element : boolean
doc.comp.annotation.for.complexType : boolean
doc.comp.annotation.for.simpleType : boolean
doc.comp.annotation.for.group : boolean
doc.comp.annotation.for.attribute : boolean
doc.comp.annotation.for.attributeGroup : boolean

Specify whether to generate the annotation section for components of particular types.