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«Details | Component Documentation | XML Source» parameter group

Parameter Name / Type / Description
XML Source doc.comp.xml : boolean

Specify whether to generate the «XML source» section.

Applies To:

All components
Nested Parameters:
Control how the reproduced XML source will look and what it should include.

Enclose in Box

doc.comp.xml.box : boolean

Specifies if the reproduced XML should be enclosed in a box.

Remove Annotations

doc.comp.xml.remove.anns : boolean

Specifies whether to remove all <xs:annotation> elements from the reproduced XML source fragment.

You may want to exclude the <xs:annotation> elements from the reproduced XML source because such elements may occupy a lot of space (especially, when you use XHTML to format your annotations), so they could overwhelm anything else making it difficult to read other important things. Moreover, the actual content of the <xs:annotation> elements may be already shown (as a formatted text) in the corresponding Annotation sections of the documentation.

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